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"Art is my lifetime passion, the way I express myself, a world I have created for my mind and my soul. Through art I express my inner self that is affected by external daily life events.

My art is highly personal but reveals a range of universal emotions and concerns that are inherent to the female identity, her presence and her voice that should be heard. My art is my relief, my runaway from reality to a world of fantasy. My art is my strength, my satisfaction and my self confidence. My art is the stemming beauty coming out from my inner self expressions, and of which I present to the whole world.

I made my latest collages to celebrate confidant capable strong women. In my opinion women are capable, strong and can face any kind of difficulties or hardships they face in their lives. I believe in women in general. In these works I want to give women good energy, good vibes and a push as to encourage them to keep going and keep giving and keep believing in themselves and in what they can offer to themselves and to the world."

Shereen Audi

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