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"I create something unique that is filled with shapes and forms. I do not paint reality, but rather paint about reality, creating a sense of mystery in my pieces. Disregarding the rules of study, I take the liberty to draw according to my own tastes, and using simple colors I generate a virtual dialogue that connects the symbols and colors of the works with the viewer."

"When I paint, I never plan what to paint, rather my feelings drive my brush, which gets the best emotions out of me and prints an image on the canvas. Since my childhood I painted what I saw on small pieces of paper, which included human figures in fashion wear. As I grew older, I started to paint out of my imagination and displayed what these figures mean to me. I never thought that this would lead me to stand where I am now in a fantastic world of art. Music creates a great atmosphere that helps me create something different."

"Art is my lifetime passion, the way to express myself, a world I have created for my mind and my soul." Through art I express my inner self that is effected by external daily life events. My art is highly personal but reveals a range of universal emotions and concerns that are inherent to the female identity, her presence and her voice that should be heard."

"Through my art, I wish I can ease your pain, your suffering and your troubles... I wish that I can lift you up high, up to the sky, where the birds fly free, free of pain, free up high... I wish that my balloons and my wings would take you to a different world; a serene, peaceful and more beautiful world."

"My art is my relief, my runaway from reality to a world of fantasy. My art is my strength, my satisfaction and my self confidence. My art is the stemming beauty coming out from my inner self expressions, and of which I present to the whole world."

Shereen Audi

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